A Bell From Hell (La Campana Del Infierno)
Innocents with Dirty Hands (Les Innocents aux main sales)
La Braconne
La Rupture (The Breach)
Les Biches (Bad Girls)
Love At the Top (Le mouton enragé)
Night Flight From Moscow (Le Serpent)
Sweet Violence (Douce Violence)
Ten Days' Wonder (La Décade Prodigieuse)
The Butcher (The Butcher)
The Novices (Les Novices)
The Pleasure Party (Une Partie de Plaisir)
The Scarlet Lady (La Femme Ecarlate)
The Woman in Blue (La Femme en bleu)
The Woman with Red Boots (La Femme aux bottes rouges)
This Man Must Die (Que la béte Meure)
Unfaithful Wife (La Femme Infidélé)

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