The Continued Adventures of Reptile Man

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Director: Stewart Schill
Cast: Tony Curtis, Arye Gross, Ally Walker

A Hilarious comedy-drama about actor Jack Steele (Tony Curtis), well-known as the Sixties TV hero Reptile Man, who fought crime with his sidekick Tadpole, portrayed by Lewis Rosen (Ayre Gross). The series ended decades ago, but Jack and Lewis are forever typecast, still donning their foam-rubber costumes for appearances at conventions and promotional events. Jack identifies with his role so much that one day he attempts to stop a robbery-in-progress at a convenient store. Pressured by his wife Ellie (Ally Walker), Lewis still goes to auditions until he discovers his career standstill is a result of Jack's jealousy thus sparking the battle between superhero and sidekick!

NR / 1997 / 89 minutes
Language: English
, Spanish

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